claims its first bundle of partner apps for the Apple Watch is ready — or, in most cases, poised to be ready.

There are some 20 partner apps in all, a few of which are available in the App Store today. The rest will be available shortly, Lindsey Irvine, head of wearables, told CMSWire.

The partners are Alpine Metrics, Apttus, BetterWorks, Bracket Labs, BrainHearts, ClickSoftware, Fairsail,, Footprints, HeyWire, InsideSales, NewVoiceMedia, Point of Reference, Proximity Insight, Remedyforce, Sage, ServiceMax, Skedulo, TeamSpirit and Vlocity.

Work to Wear

All of the apps are built on the Salesforce1 Platform with Salesforce Wear.

Their Apple Watch apps join Salesforce’s own app for the Apple Watch, which it released shortly after the highly anticipated device debuted.

All of these apps offer processes that work in tandem with the smart watch’s form function.

This may state the obvious, but it can quickly be forgotten in the excitement of a new tech gadget that even with simple tasks, different gadgets tend to be used differently.

Think about how you check your calendar on a smartphone: you have to dig it out of your briefcase or pocket or purse and then click through one or two screens.

The information had better be a bit detailed for all that trouble. A smart watch, by contrast, can display a schedule with the flick of a wrist and the tap of an icon.

Tell Me More

But enough already with the primer on gadget design and user behaviors ... The actual apps illustrate this point just as well.

For example, the BetterWorks Wear app is designed to connect employees around common goals, such as a retailer that wants its sales staff to stay updated on team and individual goals.

Catching up on how the company — or competition is doing — is easier on the wrist especially when updates happen throughout the day.

Another is the ContactWorld for Wearables app from NewVoiceMedia. It integrates with Salesforce data to give sales and service reps information about customer retention risk.

Why is this available on a watch format? Because, Irvine explained, when deciding to accept an incoming call a rep will want to know first the status report of a project or whether it is a high risk of flight client. This is data that is better absorbed on the watch as the person grabs for her device.

FieldExpert app by ClickSoftware offers advanced scheduling for a mobile workforce: its money feature?

A way to receive updates or changes to a schedule as they happen to avoid unnecessary travel.

Yes, this is available on a smartphone or tablet, but the point of tech, apparently, has evolved into making our daily work lives as pressure-less and efficient as possible. Hence, the notification on your wrist, where you will have it immediately.

Boosting Productivity

Whether the developers realized it or not — of course, they probably did — they were following findings from an earlier report on wearables released by Salesforce, Irvine said.

The point of the survey was to uncover what strategic role smart watches could play in a business, Irvine said. “We wanted to understand, what would it take for broader adoption and investment of this technology.”

The bottom line: businesses intuitively felt the smart watch could boost productivity and efficiently and, best of all, sales — but they wanted to see it work in action. They wanted use cases.

“We found 79 percent of the businesses surveyed said wearables are strategic to corporate success and 76 percent had done some kind of pilot,” Irvine said.

But there, at the pilot stage, so many remained. With some 20 tangible apps on the horizon, th at may change.