How CBT Nuggets Can Get You Up To Speed on IT

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Google Cloud Platform has been steadily building out its services chops since its launch several years ago, offering an ever-expanding list of products.

In 2014, to name a few examples, it rolled out Managed Virtual Machines and Google Cloud SQL in the early part of the year. In December, Google introduced Microsoft License Mobility for Google Cloud Platform.

Now Google is updating and publishing its list of Cloud Platform Partners, an array of companies that users can connect with to integrate Google Cloud or otherwise use one of its related products — are you listening SharePoint users? — as a foundation.

Enter CBT Nuggets

One of those partners is CBT Nuggets, an e-learning provider that offers extensive training on …. Google Cloud Platform!

As a matter of fact, the company offers training for just about every tech platform and tech certification imaginable.

To be sure, there are a number of e-providers offering classes and training in this area. What makes CBT Nuggets' offering interesting is that CBT Nuggets trainers Ben Finkel and Garth Schulte are official Google Certified Trainers.

They also have considerable creds in this area — in general, there are about 13 or so partners on the platform to date and CBT Nuggets is the only e-learning provider.

"We worked directly with Google at their campus earning certificated trainer status, Schulte told CMSWire. "It gave us excellent insight into what they are doing with the cloud platform in general."

Finkel and Schulte have created the following Google Cloud Platform training courses:

  • Google App Engine: Qualified Developer
  • Google Cloud Storage: Qualified Developer
  • Google Cloud SQL: Qualified Developer
  • Google Compute Engine: Qualified Developer
  • Google BigQuery: Qualified Developer

Now Google is using this content to internally train its own people and develop its own training regime, they report.

Classes, Certification and More

CBT Nuggets, in fact, offers a wide range of videos from Google Cloud Platform to SQL Server to Hadoop to Microsoft Azure, which it is currently developing. The company took pains to keep the videos short and focused so people can digest them easily and remember what they learned, Finkel said, with 20 minutes the ideal length.

Learning Opportunities

"Ideally people can sit down in front of the video screen and self-pace their learning."

The videos themselves are an equal mix of content and demonstration, he also said.

There is, for example, a video called "Introduction to the Cloud" that a high-school student could understand. There are more IT-focused courses as well, such as certification in Cisco -- and of course, CP300, which is certification for Google Cloud.

Interestingly, the most popular video series is the one for Cisco certification, Finkel said.

"But going forward I believe the cloud will become increasingly important to more companies and we will see real demand from IT specialists that want to brush up on, or develop, their skills in this area."

With some prodding Finkel and Schulte describe their teaching style as a mix of fun and helpful. After viewing a few of the videos I would agree.

Let me know if you agree or not.

A Sampling

  • Here Garth Schulte discusses the new term in SQL Server 2012, "Always On," and the corresponding features that go with it.
  • In this video, Schulte explains Google's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Google Compute Engine, and talks about how to spin up a virtual machine in the cloud using Google's software development kit (SDK).