Is Hyland, the creator of the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) system, about to shake up the enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) space?

It's a possibility, based on yesterday's release of ShareBase, a cloud-based EFSS application that will enable enterprises to share content inside and outside the firewall.

We know.

Everyone in the EFSS space claims to offer secure file share, from Box and Dropbox to numerous small vendors.

But Hyland argues that it has 20 years of experience in the ECM space and built its EFSS on the specific requirements of its clients across the finance, legal and healthcare industries.

It can transfer data between users and enterprises with strict, central information governance controls that can turn-on and turn-off accounts as required and granularly designate what files can be shared. It offers a level of security that will keep even the most nervous IT administrators happy, OnBase CEO Bill Priemer, told CMSWire.

“We are always thinking about managing and sharing information more effectively and we have come a long way to helping out customers create completely digital workplaces within in the firewall. But even in our core business space, even in our core transactional content space, you have the need to share information, like business records, with external partners. This applies to both sharing in and sharing out.”

Why Get Into EFSS?

Priemersaid the product was shaped through customer feedback. “Originally we were thinking about an integration with popular file sharing applications, but then we started talking to our customers about it and frankly we were surprised at how many of them had not standardized on a Box or a Dropbox, or Google Drive, or OneDrive. In actual fact many of them were actively blocking their users from using those services,” he said.

The result is an application that is separate from the OnBase ECM, and can be deployed as a stand-alone application for enterprises that want ShareBase but not OnBase. It has a different architecture, and offers a different kind of content management than anything else.

The application offers:

  • Role-based security
  • Protection against unintentional access
  • Easily transfer content ownership
  • Use of a purpose-built cloud specifically designed for content management

Why It Differs

Priemersays three key things set it apart.

Learning Opportunities

Security: ShareBase it has been built on the back of the OnBase data infrastructure and its data centers all over the world. “We can tell enterprises where our services are operating from, and where their data is being stored on down to a level of granularity that popular services can’t provide," Priemersaid.

“We can also guarantee that all ShareBase customers have their own instance of ShareBase so that none of their data is co-mingling with the data of other organizations. We also provide individualized encryption.”

Central Administration: All of the services are administered centrally, which means that final control remains in the hands of the enterprises. All file transfer accounts are set up by administrators, file transfers are enabled by IT, and rights and permissions can be revoked simply and easily.

The integration with OnBase: While this is a separate application to OnBase — OnBase customers are not obliged to sign-up for ShareBase and vice versa — integration with OnBase allows customers to share and manage files as well as access and use all the functionality of a fully developed ECM.

This is an interesting development for OnBase for Hyland. Three years ago Ken Burns, analyst relations manager with OnBase by Hyland, pointed out that EFSS could never replace a fully enabled ECM as the functionality was too limited. At the time he said:

"When I look at full production ECM and file share, we are talking about two completely different animals. With our own OnBase, for example, the content that is stored there is are not the kind of content that could be farmed out on a network file share. The documents we manage are business document and have a purpose within enterprise processes; that’s the reason they are retained as documents of records."

ShareBase doesn’t contradict this. ShareBase is an application that has taken this into account and adapted to the realities of social business.