Social business software has morphed from a headline to a must-have in the past 15 years.

Back then, providers like Jive Software and Socialcast (now VMware-owned) made headlines at tech conferences and earned in-depth reports in publications like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.Now numerousenterprise solution providers struggle todifferentiate themselves on the sophistication of their platforms and the pain points they address.

Today Palo Alto, Calif.-based Jive upped the ante on its offerings with three new tailored solutions for departments and industry verticals — Jive for Healthcare Collaboration, Jive for Employee Engagement and Jive for Customer Engagement.

It also announced the latest releases of Jive-n and Jive-x, its internal and external community products. They include a consumer-inspired redesign and new optimized processes to engage employees, customers and partners.

Make It User Friendly

Nick Hill, vice president of product management, Jive Software, told CMSWire the objective is to simply help employees work better and more efficiently.

But any solution is only as good as the level of user engagement it generates, added John Schneider, vice president of product marketing at Jive.

To address this reality, Jive redesigned its product portfolio. It also added in new optimized processes and new user interfaces.

2016-4-february-jive Cloud Update Image

The result: features such as blog posts are now designed to invite pictures, which will win attention more quickly than words. The information that is presented to workers is user-centric — intelligent streams and email digests put the content that matters most first.

There are also a few new participatory engagement features like color-coded events so that others are aware that you’ll be “there,” and another that helps you recognize your peers for exceptional performance.

Learning Opportunities

Built for What You Do

Jive's new tailored solutions were created in response to the ways people consume information and communicate inside and outside of the enterprise.

jive tailored solutions

Jive for Healthcare Collaboration, targeted at US health systems, is designed to improve the patient experience through a secure, centralized collaboration hub, simplify physician communications and help teams stay productive during mergers or e-health record implementations. It was tested at the US Veterans Administration hospitals, which includes 330,000 workers in 152 medical centers and 1,400 outpatient facilities.

Jive for Employee Engagement was created to help HR professionals minimize geographic and departmental silos and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. It offers enhanced analytics, integrations with technologies like e-learning and a reward platforms for peer recognition.

Jive for Customer Engagement broadly seeks to turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. It is designed to boost brand awareness through enhanced SEO and content syndication. It also offers a digital-rich interface for collaboration and deeper behavioral insights from key integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk and ServiceNow.

Along with new products, Jive today enhanced two existing products, Jive-n, its interactive employee intranet, and Jive-x, its external facing social community software. The updates include features like peer-to-peer recognition, improved SEO, global translation capabilities and updates to Jive's existing apps to "deliver a complete, engaging experience."

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