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  • Adobe Social Wants Marketers to Think Visual

    Adobe Social Wants Marketers to Think Visual

    Adobe is beefing up one of the pillars of its Adobe Marketing Cloud. The software giant today announced tighter integrations between Adobe Social’s mobile application and its photo editor app in a move officials promised will help marketers create visual campaigns faster.

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  • Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Google’s Marketplace Puts Everything in the Cloud

    So, the announement of the Google Marketplace was a pretty big deal, wouldn’t you say? The excitement revolving around the new development goes to show how ready and willing most of us are to pack up and move to the cloud, and the Google brand is obviously going to play

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  • An Alternative to Adobe for Graphic Design Solutions

    Most designers face budgetary challenges as often as they face creative ones. At times like these, designers take notice of software that helps enhance design while saving money. For new start up shops that can't fork over the bucks that Adobe requires for licenses like Photoshop and Illustrator, or for

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