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  • News Bites: Mobile Native Ad Exchange, More Salesforce Integration

    News Bites: Mobile Native Ad Exchange, More Salesforce Integration

    What's new? Well, there's the first global exchange for mobile-first native ads, another way to integrate Salesforce with Google Apps, a digital asset management (DAM) conference in New York and help for mobile users  interested in editing Microsoft Office documents and other common file types. Native O|X’s Exchange  Native ads are getting a lot of attention. This week, digital ad technology provider OpenX Technologies launched Native O|X, which it describes as “the first global, real time bidding (RTB) exchange specifically for mobile-first native ads.” Apps developers and publishers can use programmatic buying for native in-stream ad formats, mostly in-app.

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  • Microsoft Brings Google Chat to, SkyDrive

    Launch a Gchat session right from an email message with the Google contacts integration. Google's instant messaging service has been integrated into the Microsoft universe, at least when it comes to the Web based and the cloud based SkyDrive storage app. Stuck on Gmail may have

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  • Inbox, Social Network Aggregator

    Today's email inboxes are not the only points of contact that you have. Social networks also play this role, and this can include both personal and professional networks. With the need to manage multiple streams of communication and multiple communities, tools like Threadsy can prove to be useful, whether for

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