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    CMSWire Tweet Jam: Creating the CX Organization #CXMChat

    What's the key to a successful business? Make your customers happy. It sounds simple, but that underscores all of the effort that goes into providing great customer experiences again and again.

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    Why the CX Discussion Keeps Returning to Culture

    It's been interesting to watch customer experience mature. The customer experience concept was born out of work consultants did across disciplines, including marketing, operations and customer service/support. They recognized that by understanding the lifecycle expectations customers had around value, trust, engagement and products, businesses could improve their performance.

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    Are You Measuring for Customer Success?

    Everyone has customers.  Whether you execute large contracts for the government, sell the latest widget or run an industry association, customers pay your bills. But the constant pressure to increase revenue and market share makes it challenging to keep the customer in focus.

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  • Longleat Maze

    Don't Let Silos Destroy the Customer Experience

    Every company has silos. They separate people from each other and from information — and generally speaking, the bigger the company, the bigger the silos. They can exist along regional, country, business unit, product team or other lines. Silos can even influence your digital operations.

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    Data Takes the Guesswork out of Customer Experience

    Digital analytics are creating petabytes of new first- and third-party consumer insights on a daily basis. Improved data collection strategies mean that consumer activity can be tracked across multiple channels, both online and off — from initial impression through conversion and beyond.

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    'Business as Usual' Won't Cut It for CX Organizations

    Ask yourself: What’s the first thing you do when you need a product, service or even simply information from an organization? Does anyone still jump in the car and drive over to browse or talk to a salesperson, pick up the phone to get more information, or take time to

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    Producing the Perfect Customer Experience Story

    The way companies interact with their customers and prospects has changed a lot in recent years. Your marketing, sales, customer success and professional services departments all own various “touch points” that intentionally or unintentionally contribute to a customer’s experience.

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    Be a Customer Experience Champion

    According to recent research, 75 percent of business executives say they want their companies to become customer experience (CX) leaders. That should come as no surprise, given the mounting evidence that CX drives revenue growth in most industries. But by definition, only a handful of companies can actually be

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    Want to Be Customer-Centric? Engage Your Employees

    Organizations that want to deliver a great customer experience won’t succeed without an engaged workforce.  Temkin Group research shows that companies with an above average customer experience for their industry enjoy 1.5 times more moderately and highly engaged employees than companies that fall below their industry average.

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