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  • juggling fail

    Stop Bungling Vendor Demos

    Most technology selection projects at the enterprise level involve some sort of in-person demonstration phase.  On the customer side, there's a special art and science to structuring this properly as part of a systematic decision-making process.

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  • Windows 8 Release Preview Due Today? SkyDrive Improves Support

    According to a published-too-early Microsoft blog post, it looks like the public preview release (following on from the tech and consumer beta) is due to be unveiled in the next day or two, allowing all levels of user to try out the upcoming operating system and play with

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  • The Open Innovation Demo Cup Competition Is Calling For Your Project

    The Open World Forum (news, site), a conference around the technological, financial and social impact of open technologies, has announced that they're looking for competitors for their Demo Cup competition. Who's Eligible? The Demo Cup focuses on "Open Source projects and solutions getting ready for commercial launch

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