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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Fight For the Users

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Fight For the Users

    In our ongoing quest to clean up our file shares (because we know some day Microsoft will pull the rug from them), today we're going to look at the opportunity that security identifiers (SID) offer.

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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Keep Move Delete or Archive

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Keep, Move, Delete or Archive?

    Destruction of significant, unique objects from a file share is rarely the first step in the destruction phase of the life cycle of the record. Usually the process of elimination from deduplication to significant, unique object deletion is multi-faceted.

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  • Cleaning Up a Large File Share

    File shares will not exist forever. Microsoft will eventually stop supporting them. It is important that IT departments begin reviewing the objects from the “bottom up” (file to folder to sub directory to directory) yesterday.

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  • Microsoft Introduces Simple External File Sharing for SharePoint Online

    Microsoft has just added some new functionality to SharePoint Online that will enhance its ability to share information not just around the enterprise, but also outside the firewall. The new functionality should also help it combat the rise of file sharing applications.

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  • AvePoint Exposes File Share Content to SharePoint Users

    AvePoint, a provider of governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, is making its new DocAve File Share Navigator solution generally available. The application enables access to and retrieval of file share content through SharePoint lists without migration.

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  • OpenText Speeds Content Sharing With Hybrid Tempo

    After announcing the creation of its Business Process Solutions group last week, OpenText is back this week with the release of Tempo that promises to make document sharing quicker and mobile, while synchronizing data across computers and devices. With easy and effective enterprise collaboration functionality just about de rigeur in

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