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    Why Enterprise SaaS Companies Are Investing in Post-Sales Customer Experience

    Any investments designed to put customers, and customer data, at the heart of the business will only help companies be more competitive in the future.

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    Which Marketing Data Management Solution Should You Choose?

    Marketers across industries share a common pain point: marketing data management. Poor marketing data management holds them back from reaching their marketing goals and delivering great omnichannel customer experiences.

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    The High Cost of Hidden Customer Data Issues

    Think you know how much customer data issues are costing you? You’re probably underestimating — by a lot. Customer data is important. Most marketers can agree on that. Rich customer data can improve our results, but we don’t know how to connect all of our data.

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    Are You Ready To Do Personalized Marketing?

    A few years ago, I was responsible for global marketing campaigns. My head of marketing operations and I were preparing a highly targeted marketing campaign for a new product. But there was a huge obstacle in our way.  If you are a B2B marketer, maybe you can relate.

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    Bad Customer Data Will Sabotage Your CRM Initiative

    Imagine this: you've just completed a difficult migration from several legacy CRM systems to a modern, cloud-based application. You delivered on time and on budget. You’ve trained the marketing, sales and customer service teams to use the new system. By all accounts, the migration should be considered a success.

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    Answering the Question: Why Did This Customer Buy?

    CMOs and marketing leaders struggle daily to answer the questions, “Why did this customer buy? What specific events and interactions led to a conversion?” While it’s fairly easy to attribute the last touch to a purchase, that doesn’t give insight into the total buyer journey.

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  • Are You Ready to Compete on Customer Experience

    Are You Ready to Compete on Customer Experience?

    Friends of mine were remodeling their master bath. After searching for a claw foot tub in stores and online, they found the perfect one that fit their space. It was only available for purchase on the retailer’s e-commerce site, they bought it online.

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  • 3 Barriers to Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

    3 Barriers to Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

    The product descriptions weren’t very helpful. What is a “practice casting plug”? Turns out, this was a great feature! Instead of a hook, the rod had a rubber fish to practice casting safely. What a missed opportunity for the retailers who didn’t share this information.

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