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  • woman creating an intricate illustration

    Hacking Narratives

    The Oxford English Dictionary chose the word of the year for 2016 — “post-truth.”  This is, in effect, an announcement that we have entered the narrative era. A time when beliefs can be liberated from facts.

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  • telling stories is easy with a core narrative

    Narrative Gives Leaders the Power to Scale [Webinar]

    Organizations tell a lot of stories. And with each story they tell they have an opportunity to add texture and details that make their brand richer, more nuanced, more meaningful for their audience. But there’s a catch.

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  • snapchat

    Snapchat or Instagram: Which Will Own 'Stories'?

    By now, everyone in the industry has read that Instagram has taken on the newest kid on the social media block, Snapchat, by launching its own ephemeral storytelling product: Stories. This move should come as no surprise.

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  • DX Leader Deb Lavoy

    DX Leaders: 'A Strong Narrative Makes Your Brand Story Coherent'

    The best intentions about digital experience — and the desire to create stronger connections with customers — are destined to fall flat unless companies develop effective narratives for their marketing campaigns. That's the message from Deb Lavoy, CEO and founder of Narrative Builders, who maintains companies need to step

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  • Is Your Narrative Telling The Right Story? #DXS15

    CHICAGO — Chief Executive Officers are not listening to their Chief Marketing Officers. And as a result, many organizations are struggling to develop effective narratives for their marketing campaigns. The solution? Get back to basics. Step off the marketing treadmill and start with a good narrative.

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  • Building Your Narrative or Why Post Rationalized Narratives Stink

    Narrative, when done well, is the tail that can actually wag the dog. But let's be clear here and now, post rationalized narratives stink. Great Brands Have Narratives A narrative that explains their aspiration, their approach, and how they go in the world. Sugru is a kind of silicone putty/adhesive.

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