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  • Time to Dig a Grave for Digg?

    Digg, once the king of social sharing and news sites, lost its luster as sites like Twitter and Facebook became more popular. The founders left. The company was just about to fade into the great digital beyond, but Digg is having one more day in the media spotlight due to

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  • The Not So Associated Press

    Last summer the Associated Press had a showdown with bloggers. The AP released its own rules about how bloggers are allowed to use content written by the AP. Bloggers fought back. TechCrunch initiated a boycott. In the end, the AP made nice and decided to draft some guidelines that

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  • NewsCred to Revolutionize the Credibility of Social Media

    Any site whose mission claims to harness the "power of the web to restore credibility in news media" is worth a closer look. Especially when they claim to be apart of the social media revolution. Especially when its plans includes news aggregation. NewsCred, a news aggregator that ranks stories by the credibility of their source, has launched its public site.

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  • News Aggregation - The Downfall of Web Journalism

    For every step forward taken in bridging the gap between traditional print and online media, there are two steps backward every time the words "Sign of the Times" are uttered. Such is the case with a recent debate about the merits and downfalls of news aggregators. It turns out that

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