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    How Social Media Can Inspire Useful, Engaging News Feeds at Work

    Before social media hit the mainstream, we had no idea how engaging – or frankly, addictive – it would be. This month marks the tenth anniversary for Facebook’s now ubiquitous news feed – an innovation from the social network giant's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, that many users  initially detested. Lessons

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  • Social Media Briefs: Facebook Wants Your Money, Tumblr's Sponsored Trends

    Social media was once considered a free medium where brands could organically build their networks of fans and followers. But it has become a competitive marketplace where sponsored content reigns supreme. Will it pay off? Facebook Charges for Reach This week, Facebook announced  it would adjust the way posts are

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  • The Evolution of Social in SharePoint [Infographic]

    Say what you will about SharePoint -- over the past twelve years, the platform has added more and more social functionalities. From wikis to blogs to discussion boards to enterprise social media network integration.

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  • Facebook Fans Look to Feeds for Engagement

    Just when you think you have your Facebook fan page strategy down, a new report provides more insight into how users interact and engage. This week, PageLever shared new statistics and analysis that seem to indicate that Facebook Pages with more fans receive fewer unique Page views per fan.

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  • Microsoft Seeks Broad RSS-Related Patent

    Microsoft filed a pair of patents that recently became public via the US Patent and Trademark Office, following the end of an 18-month blackout period. The patents cover the technology involved in the organization and operation of syndicated Web feeds, such as RSS and Atom.

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