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  • Why Remote Access Matters for Americans, Organizations

    While many of us may take remote computer access for granted, a new survey reminds us that it’s not undervalued. Teamviewer’s May 2011 survey of more than 2,000 Americans, conducted by Harris Interactive, revealed that remote computer access is an important priority for Americans.

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  • TeamViewer Survey Reveals More Devices, More Accessibility, More Work

    For a company like TeamViewer, having multiple devices from which to communicate with each other is expected. But how many of us actually have multiple devices? And to what degree do we rely on them? Thanks to a survey commissioned by TeamViewer and conducted by Harris Interactive, they found that

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  • Yuuguu: Online Collaboration via Major IM Clients

    Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM, ICQ and MSN users on Linux, Mac or Windows computers can now, for free, perform online collaboration and Web conferencing activities with the latest release of Yuuguu. The company has proudly announced its support for major instant messaging (IM) players for their flagship collaboration and conferencing product.

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  • CNG-Web: Secure Document Management via Browser

    Cabinet NG (CNG) has recently released the CNG-Web module that enables users to remotely connect to CNG-SAFE, a solution for automated document management and workflow targeted towards small enterprises. Customers with access to the CNG-Web module are capable of searching, viewing and printing documents with nothing more than a Web browser and an Internet connection.CNG-Web operates as an extension

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