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    Spigit Acquires Kindling, Shrinking Fragmented Innovation Management Market

    Two platforms designed to encourage crowd sourced innovation and ideation are coming together today with Spigit's acquisition of Kindling. San Francisco-based Spigit is acquiring New York City-based Kindling to grow its marketshare, Spigit CEO Scott Raskin told CMSWire. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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  • Social Business Force Emerges: Mindjet, Spigit Merge

    In social business circles, big met big today. One of the fastest growing California software companies specializing in innovation management platforms (Spigit) merged with a project-based collaboration software organization that serves 83% of the Fortune 100 (that'd be Mindjet ).

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  • The State of Collaboration: Time to Think Outside the 'Box'

    Ask any executive and they’ll tell you that effective “collaboration” is more important than ever. The reason is simple: as teams communicate across disciplines and time zones, having the ability to share complex information quickly and accurately means the difference between project success and failure.

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  • Innovation Done Right: Thoughts from a CEO

    Constant innovation is a crucial part of surviving today’s competitive landscape, and collaboration is a key enabler. The problem with knowing, however, is that it often doesn’t translate into doing. In this article I’ll share four ways I’ve helped my teams bring tangible innovation back into the work place. #1.

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