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  • Man making a workplace presentation

    Are Your Workplace Presentations Boring? Here's the Cure

    With scientists now clocking our attention spans as shorter than a goldfish, presenters in corporations need all the help they can get to keep their stakeholders engaged. So I looked to one place that can hold our attention, even keep us riveted, for hours: the movies.

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  • talking into a tin can

    Why Conversational Commerce Is Gaining Momentum

    As far back as 2011, Gartner predicted customers would manage 85 percent  of their business relationships free of human interaction by the year 2020.  We rarely check back on predictions, but in this case we're on track to make Gartner's theory a reality.

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  • Focus Your Business on Mobile Moments Or Be Disrupted

    Focus Your Business on Mobile Moments - Or Be Disrupted

    Smartphones are becoming an extension of our brains. When we don't immediately find what we want, we turn to our phone or tablet and look for a service -- Twitter for sharing, Uber for car services, LoseIt! for calorie counts before ordering lunch -- that can.

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  • Tell to Win: Good for Business, Good for Customer Experience

    Who better to talk about the power of storytelling than someone in the entertainment industry? That’s exactly what Peter Guber, chief executive officer of Mandalay Entertainment Group and co-owner of the NBA's Golden State Warriors did. His most recent book, Tell to Win, isn’t new -- it was published

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  • TED Takeaways: Help Your Customers Choose

    People are bombarded every day with competing calls for their attention. This overload can add to digital fatigue, impeding the choices they make. How can marketers cut through the noise? The average American makes around 70 decisions a day.  Behaviorologist Sheena Iyengar presented the findings of a series of

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  • Empowered Employees, Experimentation Key to Embracing Changing Trends and Technologies #fccf10

    What Influences "empowered employees", why is experimentation of new trends and technology so important? We asked a couple of the keynote speakers at Forrester's Content and Collaboration Forum last week and here's what we were told. Overall, the Forum aimed to highlight results from Forrester's newest book, Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business, and provided

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