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  • Twitter Gets Its Grip on Gnip

    Twitter has just announced that it is buying social data harvester Gnip, but it hasn’t explained how it intends to make money on the back of the deal.

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  • No Earnings Tweet for Twitter

    No Earnings Tweet for #Twitter

    Twitter shares fell about 23 percent in after-hours trading after the company announced quarterly earnings results and forward guidance that disappointed investors.

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  • The Twitter IPO: All You Need to Know

    You might have heard: Twitter had an IPO today. It achieved a market capitalization of $25 billion to $26 billion, even though the company has yet to hit $1 billion in revenue and has not earned a dime of profit. But clearly, people were excited.

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  • Pricey Twitter Hits the NYSE Today at $26 A Share

    Twitter becomes one of the most high-profile US initial public offerings since Facebook today. After raising its starting price range once, it boosted the share price even higher, causing concern among some investors.

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