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  • Zoho Updates Creator, Integrates With Other Zoho Apps

    Creator is Zoho's (news, site) easy-to-program database and process automation system, updated to help it work together with Zoho's other productivity apps. Create and Report Zoho has many tools and applications across the office/productivity spectrum. One of its faster-growing enterprise 2.0 apps is Creator, which, it reckons,

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  • Zoho Creator Becomes a Google App Engine IDE

    Two major themes on the web today are interoperability and sharing. It's one thing to create a great application or service, but "walled gardens" are looked down upon on the new "social" web. This was probably the motivation behind Zoho 's latest announcement.

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  • Zoho Platform Explosion: Three New Apps Are In

    Zoho, a provider of web office and business applications and the competitor of Microsoft Office and Google Docs, has been busy lately, churning out a set of new offerings like there’s no tomorrow. The new creations include Zoho Marketplace and Zoho Creator Partner Program. Wait, there’s more –

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  • Zoho Brings Creator Suite Mobile

    Zoho has just released Creator Mobile, which enables users to access private or shared Zoho Creator files from their handhelds. Creator Mobile currently supports IE, Opera, Safari, and WAP browsers. And while it may be fairly browser-agnostic, it's pretty partial to the iPhone, aesthetics-wise. Try the bad-boy out at the

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