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Magnolia 6.1, SilverStripe 4.4, Tiki 20.0 all Released, More Open Source News

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We look back at the headlines from the last month that matter most in the world of open source CMS.

Magnolia 6.1 has been released with a simplified product packaging under the new DX Core. This new edition contains nearly all of the modules from the Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Pro editions, in addition to exciting new features for both developers and authors.

Learning Opportunities

Developers: It's now easier for developers to create new content types and content apps with just a few lines of configuration and without redeploying the WAR file. There's now a clean separation between content model and UI, and the authoring UIs are now generated automatically.

Authors: There are improvements to the user interface and product usability. Magnolia uses screen real-estate more efficiently, so there is less white space and more room for content. The Find Bar has also been overhauled with more powerful suggestions and better search results by leveraging past user search behavior.

Connector Packs: There's also a whole slew of connector packs on the way including commerce, analytics, optimization, digital asset management, and customer data. These ready-made connectors will streamline the integration with many popular third-party tools.

Update Maintenance Policy: Magnolia is also changing its maintenance to reflect a Long-Term Service (LTS) model. Releases will be classified into LTS or feature releases based on strict criteria. Magnolia hopes the change will allow the platform to innovate faster while offering long-term stability.

For a closer look, check out the full release notes.

SilverStripe 4.4 Released

The release of SilverStripe 4.4 brings updates that makes the platform more stable, and a number of improvements for developers and content editors.

Developers: For developers, there are many API and security upgrades. GraphQL has improved read queries and the ability to store pre-baked queries on your server. There were also several security vulnerabilities related to SQL injection and DDoS fixed in this latest release.

Content Editors: There's now a better user experience for content editors. The popular betterbuttons module has been ported to the core platform and there's a new library of standardized icons for the site tree.

Get the full rundown here.

Tiki 20.0 Released

With the Tiki 20.0 incremental release, there are several new additions list below.

  • Webmail powered by the open source Cypht platform. Long term, this will replace the legacy Tiki webmail and significantly improve the available mail features.
  • Markdown syntax support in wiki pages, blog posts, news articles and other editable text sections. The Tiki syntax is still available, but Markdown syntax is another option and may be more familiar to many non-technical users.
  • Support for chatrooms powered by XMPP, Openfire and Converse that can be embedded in wiki pages.
  • Smaller improvements include the strengthened spam protection Google ReCaptcha 3 and a revamp of the file gallery code to make it easier to add more features.

You can download the latest release on sourceforge.

Joomla Serves Up Two Minor Releases

Joomla has had two minor releases in June: Joomla 3.9.7 & Joomla 3.9.8. These releases fix three security issues and dozens of bugs with the Joomla 3.x series.

Other News

Liferay Portal 7.2 Community Edition moves from alpha to general availability release. This brings users new features for editing, personalization, auto-tagging and many site building improvements. It’s available for download here.

Also out in June was the WordPress 5.2.2 Maintenance Release, which included numerous bug fixes and improvements to the block editor, accessibility, internationalization, and the Site Health feature in version 5.2 available here.

dotCMS announced a partnership with Unbxd, an AI-driven ecommerce product discovery platform. The new integration will bring intelligent site search, product recommendations and a personalized browser experience to the CMS.