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Pankaj Malviya is the Founder & CEO of Conversy. Before founding the new startup, Pankaj created Pulpstream, his third bootstrap venture. He has successfully led two technology ventures in the past to successful acquisitions. He has over 24 years of experience in enterprise software product design, development, and implementation of business-critical software solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, HP, and AT&T. 

Pankaj was also founder and CEO of LongJump, one of the first Platform as a Service offerings. LongJump was acquired by Software AG for $35 million under his guidance. Subsequently, he led Software AG’s cloud initiatives as GM of Agile Apps.

Pankaj was a key architect at Hewlett-Packard, where he guided a team that built a CRM for the company’s Home Products division. The solution was implemented in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. The expertise he gained there laid the foundation for his first startup, which was called Relationals. The startup provided an on-demand CRM platform that integrated customer information with an automated sales process within a scalable platform. He built upon that concept to build LongJump.

He was also a key software architect for an internet security startup in Silicon Valley called Internet Devices. The company focused on web-based, centralized data policy management. It was acquired by Alcatel for $180 million. Pankaj also developed software for Jareva Technologies, an innovator in automated server provisioning. The company was acquired by the Veritas software corporation in 2003.

Pankaj holds 2 patents in object modeling for network policy management, as well as policy-based network architecture. He earned his degree in computer science and engineering from the G.S. Institute of Technology and Science.  

His business philosophy centers on empathizing with customers, so he can build powerful solutions that relieve their pains. He is committed to delighting his customers and making them successful, which is a value he shares with his team.

You can learn more about Pankaj or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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