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New York City, New York, USA
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Pete Iuvara is a strategic, business-centric specialist focusing on helping companies mature their digital web presence, increase lead generation and top line growth, and maximizing bottom lines. Pete currently holds a position at mindSHIFT Technologies. His role there is focused on strategic business and technical consulting, and product and business development.

Pete is a firm believer that technology group’s role within any organization is twofold. The first role is to better enable the business to growth and adapt to their constantly changing business landscape through technologies that scale. The days of the “IT” department being a bottleneck should and could be long gone. Pete believes this to be the first step in building up a firm’s technology maturity model. Once this in place, Pete helps organizations strive towards the second role: empowering profit centers. Growing, selling, constantly being competitive, increasing market share, maturing brand and brand awareness is everything. Technology, more times than not, is the driving force powering these initiatives. The right technology, applied in a timely fashion opens up tremendous doors of business opportunity. Pete has spent most of his career on help companies be successful in these ways.

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