B2B marketers use analytics and gain value from them in their campaigns and marketing programs, a survey released today claims.

But earlier this year, another study claimed otherwise. It found only about a third of organizational projects includemarketing analytics. And it further claimed there has been no significant gains for how marketing analytics contribute to a company's overall performance.

Who do you believe? Your call.

Today is ON24's day in the sun. The webinar-based marketing solutions provider based its findings on a survey distributed last month to 221 US-based B2B marketers experienced with marketing analytics. Redshift Research administered the survey and ON24 released the results today.

Survey Breakdown

2014-18-December-Tricia Heinrich.jpg

A few details about the survey:

  • All respondents were people who were already using marketing analytics in their jobs (97 percent of respondents reported that using marketing analytics has made their business more successful and 87 percent said they plan to increase their marketing analytics investments in the coming year)
  • All are working in US businesses that employed more than 100 staff
  • All of the respondents are B2B marketers

Tricia Heinrich, senior director of strategic communications at ON24, said the report is designed to help B2B marketers understand the importance of analytics in their campaigns and whether their peers are seeing tangible results from using analytics.

ON24 provides analytics in its platform. So what's her response to folks who question the report's findings in light of that?

"Fair question," she said. "Yes, ON24’s webinar platform does have built-in analytics that provide attendee insights and help with lead generation campaigns. And our platform is integrated with all leading MAP and CRM solutions. However, this report was not designed to sell ON24 technology and doesn’t focus specifically on us. We felt that getting a bead on if and how businesses are using analytics was a valuable exercise that extends beyond just our products."


Heinrich told CMSWire she expected a difference when it came to responses from small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) versus enterprises regarding use of analytics for marketing.

Learning Opportunities

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SMBs most often lag far behind their enterprise counterparts when it comes to adopting new technologies, she said.

However, the results that included "a marked difference between SMBs and enterprises" but "not as significant as we expected." This shows, she said, that SMBs are actually beginning to widely adopt a data-driven approach to a good portion of their marketing campaigns.

More, Less Data

So what are B2B marketers in need of today?

Heinrich sees the answer as needing "more and less data in their lives."

"They need more data that they are actually capable of analyzing, data that they can dig into to obtain valuable information about their customers," she said. "But this can also be overwhelming. If the data set gets too big, especially for SMB B2B marketers, it becomes useless, just a never-ending spreadsheet of numbers. Marketers need to find just the right balance of what data they need and what data they can actually handle."