Packt Seeks Oracle, Microsoft, IBM Book Ideas and Authors

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Packt Seeks Oracle, Microsoft, IBM Book Ideas and Authors
If you feel your writing talents are not being appreciated or if you’ve finally decided to stop hiding your literary light under a bushel, then Packt Publishing (news, site) is looking for you.

Yep! This is probably the first time since the invention of the Nuremberg printing press over 500 years ago that a book publisher is looking for authors -- and paid authors at that.

The snag -- if it is, in fact a snag -- is that you really have to know your subject, and those subjects should include Oracle, IBM and Microsoft amongst others before you go looking for your first contract. Additionally, you need to be able to explain in less than five million words, whatyour particular 'thing' is.

Best known for their open source books, Packt Publishing produces a range of publications from large developer’s guides like the guide to Oracle SOA Suite 10g R3, or shorter and task-specific books that show how to get specific jobs done, like SharePoint Designer Tutorial, for example.

Learning Opportunities

Packt aims to share the experiences of IT professionals in adapting and customizing current systems, applications and frameworks.

And now they are looking to extend their stable of talent. They plan to advance their line up of enterprise focused titles this year with an expected publishing list of over 30 titles.

Packt is inviting developers, architects, consultants and administrators alike, to send in their title suggestions and area of expertise to [email protected]