3 Tips for Great Content Marketing AIIM14

Deliver content with a purpose, a good, strong flow and distribute it appropriately. 

Those three steps can make a world of difference in content marketing, according to Bryant Duhon, editor and community manager for for AIIM.

Duhon is busy this week helping produce the annual AIIM Conference in Orlando but took some time to catch up with CMSWire with some tips for successful content marketing.

Make Your Content Have Purpose 

Speaking from his own experience and not on behalf of AIIM, Duhon's first message is to make content purposeful. How can marketers ensure this is happening in their campaigns and efforts?

First, don't make this mistake: thinking people care about you or your product. They don't.

"You need to decide what action you ultimately want your audience to take, then create content for them that nudges them in that direction," Duhon told CMSWire. "One of the things it took me a while to get my head around was that providing your audience fantastic content that's good and useful and combining that with a call to action, which should generally be subtle, don't have to be mutually exclusive."

Write Well With Purpose

What are some ways marketers can get this done? What are some common missteps that may send them down the wrong path here? "Give a damn about your customers," said Duhon, who blogs on content topics. "Make your content about them. Without them, there will be no 'you' in the corporate sense."

While it's sometimes overlooked, make absolutely certain you edit for grammar and typos. "I don't think you need perfection," he said, "but you need to act like a publisher. That requires editing."

Further, Duhon added, write like a "real person." 

"For the love of all things holy, punch yourself in the head every time you use a buzzword or something like 'utilize,' 'out-of-the-box,' 'leading,' 'best-in-class,'" he said. "You know -- the crap filler words everyone uses. Stop it."

Distribute Appropriately 

Duhon said this is a piece of the puzzle he's just coming to grips with.

"There's a balance between spamming your audience and ensuring that you're getting your great, passionately-produced, well-edited content out in front of your existing audience and in front of a new audience," he said.

Duhon distributes expert blogs, how to guides, AIIM research, news, etc. via:

  • LinkedIn. We have a 23,000-person group there. It drives a lot of visits back to us.
  • Twitter (I use Hootsuite). I tweet each piece multiple times over the course of a week to 10 days. Experiment with times, wording and hashtags.
  • Facebook. The AIIM audience really isn't on Facebook, so while we have a page, it's not well-used.
  • Google+. This isn't an active community in a real, exchanging-ideas way, but it only takes moments and I just have a hard time believing that over time, Google won't (if they aren't already) tilting in content on Google's pages when it comes to search.
  • Pinterest. Just because.
  • Email, newsletters, guest blogging.
  • Slideshare. Another great spot to just have your PowerPoint content hang out to drive traffic back to you. ​ 

Title image by Quka (Shutterstock).