4Q Suite Woos Google Analytics, Makes Sense of Escalating Data
iPerceptions has done well with its 4Q Suite, a set of web-focused Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics tools. So well, in fact, that Google crowned it the winner of the Google Analytics Partner Summit third-party application competition. Here's a look at why.

A Method to the Madness

For starters, some quick information on 4Q-- the solution that started it all. As the name implies, 4Q aims to help users answer four key questions when evaluating the quantitative data from analytics tools: 

  1. Why are you here? - Understand the primary purpose of your customer.
  2. Was the visit successful? - Understand task completion rate 
  3. No? Why not? - If the answer to question two is no, catch the voice of the customer and find out why not. 
  4. Were you satisfied with your experience? -- Gauge customer satisfaction

Here's a tour of how it works: 

In other words, if analytics tools such as Google Analytics offer the what (mounds of data), it is 4Q's aim to provide the why

Giving Website Traffic a Voice 

Essentially, 4Q Suite is an upgraded version of iPerceptions’ original 4Q survey solution. Several features designed to help increase site satisfaction and build engagement are along for the ride, such as automatic alerts of significant changes, email reports, global industry benchmarks and, of course, Google Analytics integration. 

With the Google Analytics integration, companies can analyze the combination of 4Q and Google Analytics data for each survey respondent, resulting in a broader, multi-perspective view of the customer experience:

 iPerceptions 4Q Suite Concept


Winning Over Google

In the third-party application competition, developers each had five minutes to present their solution. The panel of judges then took four points into consideration:

  • Integration or use of Google Analytics data
  • User experience and design
  • Customer appeal and utility
  • Overall quality of design and functionality.

“Combining the website analytics and marketing data within Google Analytics with the 4Q Voice of Customer survey data offers significant benefits to marketers,” explained Jesse Nichols, partner program manager at Google. “We really appreciate the hard work that iPerceptions has put in to developing a quality product that augments the Google Analytics experience.”

And Google isn't the only one touting on about the winning combo. “The ability to integrate 4Q Voice of Customer data into Google Analytics and vice versa without any additional technical implementation was essential criteria when we developed 4Q Suite,” said Claude Guay, president and CEO of iPerceptions. “Many of our clients insist that this is the most valuable feature that 4Q has to offer because it connects what visitors are doing on their website with why they are doing it and how satisfied they are.”

If a practice run is up your alley, iPerceptions offers a free trial for interested parties. Or, if you're not afraid of commitment, the pricing plans aren't too outrageous. Test it out and let us know what you think.