Infographics are the latest tool in the SEO’s arsenal.They’re the ideal option for creating interesting content and building links to your site -- and they’re especially useful if you’re on a bit of a budget!

Here are five tips to ensure you get the most out of your infographics:

1. Quality is Key

First and foremost, make sure you take the time to create an infographic that is both visually appealing and provides the reader with some genuinely interesting content.

Keeping things topical is also beneficial. If there’s a subject matter that’s particularly newsworthy at the moment see if you can incorporate it into your infographic in order to capture further interest.

In the example below you can see Walton Robinson (an accommodation provider for students in the UK) has based their infographic on the very topical subject of graduate employment rates.This is a subject which is very relevant to the student community and increases the likelihood of the infographic catching people’s attention and being shared throughout the community.


2. Incorporate Social Media

Don’t forget that promoting your infographic via Social Media will increase visibility and reach a much wider audience -- increasing its chances of “going viral.”

And with only a few characters to try and grab people’s attention, make sure you grab one of the most interesting headlines out of your infographic to catch their attention. Think front pages news type headlines.

Additionally, ensuring that there is social sharing functionality on the page where you’ve published your infographic will also increase the number of social shares from visitors to your site.

Learning Opportunities

3. Include an Embed Code

When publishing an infographic on your website don’t forget to include an embed code with an appropriate call to action.This will make it easy for others to publish it correctly on their website or blog. Plus by setting-up your embed correctly you can also ensure that other sites using your infographic include a link back to your website.


4. Reach out to Key Influencers

Key influencers are those people in your industry or community who have a wide reach and whose opinions are well regarded. Sending your infographic to Key Influencers is a strategy with legs. Through contacting these people and asking them to share your infographic you will be able to reach a much wider audience.

5. Consider the Future

It’s worth considering that one day in the future Google may choose to limit the SEO benefits of infographics. The most obvious way in which they would do this is via the links from third party sites to your infographics.

Therefore it is recommended that you focus on building links which are text based (citing a source) rather than image based and that you vary the anchor text. You can effectively amend your embed code in order to directly influence the way it’s published on other sites -- you can see in the example below this website has used the text link Created by TeamSport Go Karting.


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