The time has come -- Actiance is going mobile. The company announced this week its Socialite Engage mobile app for iPhone, providing on-the-go access to its social media management platform. 

The company said this was the beginning of its efforts to offer mobile social media for its customers, in accordance with appropriate compliance and governance rules. Similar Socialite apps for other mobile platforms are expected sometime this year. The free app requires that the user has access to an organizational Socialite account.

Pre-Approval, Compliance

Socialite Engage, announced in June of 2011, is specifically designed to allow investment and insurance company employees to engage with customers and prospects over social media, including distribution of pre-approved content, tracking of the most impactful content and maintenance of security and compliance requirements.

Sarah Carter, General Manager of Social Business at Actiance, said in a statement that its customers use social media as “one of the best ways to find new customers, build and nurture those relationships, and to build your personal brand.”

She added that “the use of social while mobile is much higher, and our mobile app is proving a clear winner in increasing productivity and engagement,” while meeting regulatory requirements.

The free app is native iOS, provides an aggregated news feed from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and offers a library containing pre-approved content. Users can create personalized messaging according to defined pre-approved rules, can see and use content that has been found to be high-performing and can view push notifications about contacts reacting to content or posts.

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Investment Advisors

Actiance noted that a report prepared by research firm ByAllAccounts found that about 44 percent of registered investment advisers use iPhones regularly for such actions as connecting with customers and keeping in touch with prospects. Given that the Socialite platform is targeted in part at the investment community, Actiance said that mobile access adds convenience but must maintain compliance.

In its announcement, Actiance cited the experience of one of its customers, Janney Montgomery Scott. Kelly Hoffman, Marketing Manager at that financial services firm, told news media that, with the “huge uptick in the use of mobile devices by our advisors,” the Engage app allows them to stay connected while maintaining the “functionality and security of Socialite.”