Adeven Helps Mobile Advertisers Adjust Marketing Campaigns adeven
, a provider of real-time mobile campaign management solutions, is developing three applications for mobile advertisers in the new product line.

The initial offering in adeven's digital marketing apps, Adjust Analyzer combines mobile app customer and campaign data analysis, reporting and dashboard capability, in-app revenue tracking, an intelligence tool, and an open source software development kit (SDK).

Mobile analytics allow users to track customers by click to identify the best sources for a specific campaign and also analyze campaign data such as retention rates, average number of sessions and percentages of one-time-users.

A dashboard graphically presents all campaign data in real time, avoiding the need for spreadsheets. Users can track the revenue of every campaign for the lifetime of their customers and optimize ad spend accordingly. An intelligence tool provides data on how a particular campaign affects an app’s ranking and rating in the app ecosystem. Furthermore, adeven says the SDK can be up and running in 10 minutes. 

Maybe Not the First, But a Good Idea

As TechCrunch points out, by offering a unified tool that encompasses both ad analytics and tracking, adeven is “claiming a first” for the mobile app industry. TechCrunch also correctly points out that this claim “may or may not be true,” but even if adeven is not the first mobile solutions vendor to combine these functionalities, doing so is still a good idea. Adeven’s own words say Adjust Analyzer should help mobile advertisers “to find the sweet spot when it comes to ads, what ad networks work well and where their best customers come from.”

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The Future of Advertising

According to predictions made by David Hillis, VP of Business Development for Ingeniux Corporation, makers of Ingeniux Web CMS and Cartella Community software, adeven is positioning itself early in a space that represents “the future of advertising.” In a recent CMSWire guest column, Hillis said mobile delivers “location, context, behavior and other dimensions that promise to make advertising more relevant for end users and more profitable for publishers,” yet is in a “bit of a freefall” with falling eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) rates resulting from mobile usage outpacing the development of mobile advertising.

Adeven says it provides mobile advertisers with a holistic view. This could be a crucial tool in stepping up the pace and effectiveness of mobile advertising, and help advertisers to provide enough relevant content to saturate a rapidly growing market.

Adjust Analyzer is available now, while Adjust Verifier is scheduled for a Q4 2012 release and Adjust Optimizer is scheduled for a Q1 2013 release.