At the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit EMEA, Adobe announces a couple of new features that will make digital marketers happy.

Adobe Experience Manager Webinars

It was only a matter of time before Adobe integrated Adobe Connect, its web conferencing service, with Adobe Experience Manager. After all, don't websites often list webinars available for a company?

Adobe Connect may not be thought of first when you think about web conferencing software, but I've used it. It's a good service for webinars, elearning and web meetings. According to Chris Nguyen, Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager, Connect supports over 3 billion meeting minutes annually.

landing pages.png

Create targeted webinar landing pages within familiar Adobe Experience Manager environment, with tools built for Adobe Connect

Adobe Experience Manager webinars is powered by Adobe Connect and it enables an organization to not only host a webinar, but to create and manage the entire process from within the Experience Manager environment.

It starts with the ability to create webinar landing pages where lists of webinars can be shown, filtered based on profiles. Marketers can also create individual event pages quickly by simply selecting a template and picking the event from the current list of events scheduled on Adobe Connect (Event Associator). Of course this all customizable with the help of drag and drag components.


targeted events.png

Display events based on user profile


Marketers can also take advantage of other tools, such as tweeting or liking an event, get an Events RSS feed and share common assets and templates via DAM libraries.

common templates & assets.png

Leverage common templates and DAM library for brand consistency

These don't have to be your typical watch and listen webinars either. Webinar events can be branded and support interactivity such as content and video streaming, live Twitter feeds, polls and Q&As.

social components.png

Leverage engaging Adobe Experience Manager components, such as Facebook, Twitter, or owned social communities, etc., to promote events through social interactions

For those who want to track what's happening with their events (and everyone does), integrated with Adobe Analytics provides plenty of insights, from tracking who's viewing your event listings, to who's signing up and attending. And there integration with marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua and Marketo, and CRM platforms like Saleforce. So you get an end-to-end view of your customer and the entire marketing to sales process.

Predictive Publishing With Facebook

Adobe Social gets some nice new functionality as well. Lawrence Mak, Adobe Product Marketing Manager, walked me through the new predictive social publishing that Adobe now offers.


Essentially there are predictive text mining algorithms that look at the potential engagement an individual piece of content will earn. The Predictive Publishing feature is based on historical data, including things like past similar posts, Likes, Comments and  and Shares, and it's self learning, so the recommendations should improve more and more as the feature is used.

Currently it looks at overall engagement and time of post based on the proximity to other posts and it will recommend changes if it thinks it's necessary. It also takes Facebook Edgerank and other elements into account.


The predictive publishing can show you similar posts, and although it will suggest a better time to post if it determines it, you don't have to choose it. Your option is to accept the new scheduled post time or override and continue as you need to.

This feature is suited for organizations who are managing large social presences because it takes the stress off marketers who typically have to rely on instinctive planning. And while right now it's only available for Facebook, there are plans to add Twitter support as well. Additional enhancements expected for Facebook predictive publishing includes synonym suggestions for low performing keywords (again based on historical data), metrics for sentiment, clickthroughs and custom business metrics.

Expanded Partnership with SapientNitro

One final tidbit of Adobe news focuses on an expanded global partnership with SapientNitro that includes integration of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and SapientNitro's EngageNowSM Platform.

Some of the new benefits to both Adobe and SapientNitro customers include the hosted and managed services for the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions from EngagedNow and the ability to use the Marketing Cloud solutions via SapientNitro's usage-based operating model. In addition, SapientNitro has some specific vertical solutions with the EngageNow platform and the Adobe Marketing Cloud solution will be integrated into some these.