Adobe AudienceResearch Surfaces the Metrics That Count
Adobe dug further down analytics with the immediate availability of AudienceResearch, a new audience measurement tool that grants publishers and digital marketers with certified metrics. 

Metrics That Count 

Essentially, the new tool generates metrics by counting all relevant (census-based) traffic. Adobe notes this approach as more accurate and representative of actual traffic than panel-based methods. 

A panel-based approach extracts statistics from a small group of volunteer consumers and uses them to estimate metrics. These results often differ significantly from census-based results, and have had their share of controversy in the advertising industry. Adobe aims to patch this problem area by enabling Certified Publishers (see below) to arm their direct sales teams with reliable metrics that have been accredited by the Media Ratings Council.

SiteCatalyst operates as the backbone of the whole operation by capturing the key metrics, making AudienceResearch available at no additional cost to SiteCatalyst customers.

“We count many of the world’s largest publishers as our customers. With this strong customer base and pent-up demand for census-based metrics, we anticipate strong adoption of AudienceResearch,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business Unit, Adobe. “AudienceResearch has the potential to provide the industry with a reliable, cross-channel currency for measuring digital audience size and engagement, bringing greater confidence into the digital advertising planning, buying and selling process.”

Adobe Audience Certification Program

In conjunction with this release, Adobe has announced the general availability of the Adobe Audience Certification Program. Under this program, Adobe certifies that a publisher's digital audience data meets certain criteria regarding the accuracy of data collection and reporting. Adobe Certified Publishers can then contribute their data to the AudienceResearch tool. 

And further down the analytics hole we go! The announcement also adds some weight to Adobe's MRC accreditation for key SiteCatalyst metrics. To achieve it, Adobe must create innovative methods of auditing site implementations of SiteCatalyst as well as filtering raw site traffic, thereby giving advertisers and publishers the most accurate view of metrics.

Additionally, because analytics is natively built into the Digital Publishing Suite, publishers using the it to create digital magazine editions for tablet devices may have their metrics automatically certified as.