Adobe has more than doubled the number of subscriptions to its Creative Cloud, climbing to more than 2.3 million users, the company stated today.

The news comes as the San Jose, Calif.-based software provider announced 14 new versions of Creative Cloud desktop applications, including Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe calls it the biggest release since CS6. It also includes four new mobile apps, creative hardware, updates to Creative Cloud services and new offerings for enterprise, education and photography customers.

Enterprise Offerings

Adobe Creative Cloud was unveiled two years ago. In September of 2013, Adobe announced one million users for its subscription-based cloud offering. In just nine months, that grew about 1.3 million.

customer experience, Adobe Doubles Growth to 2.3M in Creative Cloud Subscriptions

Adobe Creative Cloud for the enterprise is designed for large-scale software deployments that works with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Acrobat, Adobe Anywhere and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. 

Today's updates come with more services in collaboration and file storage, expanded options for deployment and a new dashboard for managing users and entitlements, according to Adobe. 

Lockout No Bearing

Adobe seems to be doing fine in light of its May Creative Cloud software lockout that upset users. A software failure locked the one million users of Adobe's Creative Cloud out of "several Adobe services" for about 24 hours. 

"The failure happened during database maintenance activity and affected services that require users to log in with an Adobe ID," Adobe said in a statement.

Adobe officials declined commentary on the lockout when approached by CMSWire.