The Web has been called many things both good and bad, but “beauty” is not a trait often associated with cyberspace. Adobe is seeking to change that with the release of Adobe Edge Animate 1.0, a set of Web design applications and services it says will allow designers and developers to “more easily create beautiful websites, digital content and mobile apps.”

Adobe Edge Animate, which also serves as Adobe Edge Preview 7 (Preview is now known as Edge Animate)  leverages standard Web development languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Notable features include a timeline editor that allows the editing of property-based keyframes with enhanced easing equations, an intuitive Webkit-based interface, reusable symbols, native HTML support, resizable layouts and mobile-ready content.


Adobe Travels to the Edge of Web Design

As reported by CMSWire in August 2011, the initial version of Edge Preview which later developed into Edge Animate was intended to be an HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards likes HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Adobe cited “rapid changes around HTML5” as the impetus for adopting an open development methodology for Adobe Edge. Since then, the product now known as Edge Ainmate has evolved quite a bit, no doubt aided by the extensive public preview/feedback period.

‘Doubling Down’ on HTML

With Edge Animate 1.0, Adobe is “doubling down" on HTML, according to Webmonkey. While a Webmonkey article on the new solution expresses disappointment that Animate fails to output canvas or sustainable vector graphics, compliments Edge Animate 1.0 for helping “Flash refugees” create standards-based animations for sites, apps and other digital content.

“Today’s web developers shouldn’t need the same archaic text editors we used to build the Web fifteen years ago,” the article concludes. “Tools like Edge Animate … may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they go a long way toward helping people who want a more intuitive way to create cool stuff on the Web and that’s almost never a bad thing.”

The first release of Edge Animate, normally priced at US$ 499, will be made available for a limited time as part of a free Adobe Creative Cloud membership. When the free intro period ends it will be available as a standalone app for US$ 500 or as part of the US$ 50/month Creative Cloud subscription. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.