Adobe Focuses on Consumer Marketing in New DPS Release

Adobe is out with a new release of its Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) that focuses on consumer marketing. This release, version 29, was unveiled in two phases – the first in early December and now the second. Highlights include greater flexibility in targeting text notifications, new support for streaming audio and video and a branded, functional welcome screen.

Text Notifications

Ben Choi, senior director in product management at Adobe Digital Publishing, told CMSWire the new text notifications — “segmented push notifications” that update the iOS notifications introduced in the last release — are a “really big deal” because they are “key differentiators” from other publishing tools. They allow notices to be sent to DPS-built apps according to the type of end user. Although the new version comes “pre-packaged with a handful of segmentation choices,” Choi noted that a publisher can also upload device IDs from Adobe’s SiteCatalyst in its Marketing Cloud and target the owners of those devices.

When asked about Adobe’s direction for DPS, Choi pointed to this growing integration between Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and DPS. Standard targeting options include all readers, all iPad readers, all iPhone readers, as well as those who have not logged on in the past month, plus the optional list of device IDs to pinpoint those owners.  

The streaming capability allows publishers to avoid embedding multimedia files in a folio, thus improving file size/download time and providing more flexibility in delivering the freshest video or audio.

Welcome Screen

The new Welcome screen, previously available on iPhones, is now available on iPads as well. It shows up the first time an app is launched and allows the publishers to welcome a new reader and present such new options as subscribing, identifying as a print or a digital subscriber, or be taken to the store. Choi noted that the HTML-based Welcome screen “is fully customizable,” can be branded as one wishes, and can be used to “expose all the APIs available.”


A sample welcome screen created in the updated Adobe DPS.

Other updates in the new release include enhanced analytics and the ability to show free articles as free without a paywall, even if the article is Protected or Metered. Phase I of version 29, out in the first week of December, included a Welcome screen for the Enterprise version only, improvements to social sharing and to the web viewer and App Builder enhancements.

Adobe expects the new Android viewer app, still in development, to be available sometime next month.