With the Efficient Frontier acquisition all wrapped up, Adobe has announced its newest solution - Adobe Social. And from the demo this morning - a lot of people are really excited.

Social Publishing Meets Social Marketing

Adobe Social is takes elements from the Context Optimal/Efficient Frontier solution and the Adobe Social Analytics solutions. It's part social publishing, part social media monitoring and mixes in some social ad buying and analytics.

Within a single platform you can manage your social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+, including Facebook Pages. This includes not only posting and engaging but also monitoring and moderating.

In addition, you can personalize and target your messages in and across social platforms and apps.

Monitoring includes assessing sentiment and identifying key influencers, and pulling in analytics from each social platform into the Digital Publishing Suite where you can look at everything under one umbrella.

Social Ad Campaigns

Thanks to the technology from Efficient Frontier, Adobe Social also supports social ad buying and campaign optimization. Along with Facebook social ads, LinkedIn ads are also supported, extending the reach of your social campaigns to even more social networks.

Adobe Social isn't ready quite yet. The demo was interesting and many people in the audience seemed to get excited, but like you, they'll have to wait until later this year to get their hands on it.