Adobe Launches Mobile Service for Fine Tuning Apps
Adobe has built out its marketing cloud offerings. Now it is adding a mobile services tool that companies can use to fine tune mobile apps. The tool allows them to harness data that can be used for retargeting across the web.

Adobe Monitors 1.6 Trillion Annual Transactions

Every year, Adobe uses its digital marketing tools to monitor 1.6 trillion transactions on the mobile devices and apps. And it has found customers now get up to 30 percent of their traffic from mobile devices, according to Ray Pun, Adobe's strategic marketing lead for mobile solutions.

"Companies are focusing more and more on mobile, and they're finding out mobile apps users are much more loyal compared to mobile Web," he told

In addition, app users on tablets and smartphones linger four times longer and 2.5 times longer, respectively, compared to other online shoppers. That makes those visitors more valuable because it means they are more likely to engage in desired behaviors ... that is, buy something.

Android apps are used 40 percent more frequently than iOS apps. But consumers using iOS apps spend twice as much time on those apps, another factor that increases their value to businesses and marketing teams. The bottom line: iPad owners are the most coveted consumers, at least in terms of time spent on apps.

Financial apps are used most frequently, but consumers spend the most time on travel apps.

Adobe Launches Mobile Service for Fine Tuning Apps
Adobe Mobile Services will be included in all Analytics and Target licenses and can be built into existing apps with its SDK.

Adobe Mobile Services Debuts

Adobe's Mobile Services will integrate with Analytics and Target, two components of the company's marketing cloud, and will be added to Campaign and Experience Manager next year. At launch, Mobile Services will allow developers to build native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BB10, Windows 8 and Mac OS X as well as hybrid and magazine apps.

Customers who want to add the Mobile Services tool to existing apps need to add the SDK, a relatively quick process, Pun said. Mobile Services include the ability to target people based on location, add in-depth analytics and offers the ability to manage opt in and opt out functions for privacy controls.

Additionally, there's support for conducting A/B testing based on things like operating system, device type and app analytics. The Mobile Services release is clearly timed to coincide with the upcoming holiday shopping season. It will interesting to hear what added value the location and analytics tools provide users this year.

Next year, when the tools become available across a wider spectrum of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we should be able to evaluate its power even more.