Adobe Media Optimizer Ready for Bing Product Ads
Adobe is wasting little time positioning its Marketing Cloud across platforms, and now it's readied support for Bing Product Ads, a way for organizations to post ads in prominent positions on search engine results pages.

Marketing Cloud Muscle

Adobe's Media Optimizer is the tool that will help generate ads, and it sits within the Marketing Cloud, one of five pieces that can be bought separately or used as a suite. For now, Bing Product Ads are only available in the US, but for those organizations that are looking to more or less get in on the ground floor of Bing Product Ads, this might be the time to check it out.

Bing Product Ads are closely related to the Google version of course, and the above image shows the familiar layout so many of us see everyday when searching online. Adobe is offering its Media Optimizer as a way to:

  • Manage Bing Product Ads, Promotions Lines, and Product Targets
  • Report and measure performance against ROI metrics
  • Look at search queries that led to conversions
  • Optimize bids
  • (coming this quarter) Create and update campaigns from product feeds and templates with Advanced Campaign Management

As a one stop hub for organizing broad campaigns, the Media Optimizer also supports Google Product Listing Ads, Google Enhanced Campaigns and Twitter Ads.

Paid Search Listing Regulations + Google Enhanced Campaigns 

For those using Bing Product Ads, there are a couple of recent updates that are important to note. Google has upgraded its AdWords campaigns to enhanced campaigns (link), and there are some temporary incompatibilities for those who are importing search ad campaigns from Google AdWords.

Microsoft has devised temporary workarounds for the interim, and all the interoperability standards between Google and Microsoft will be addressed in Microsft's fall release in September. The other recent update is possibly more impactful because it has to do with government regulations of paid serch listings.

The FTC has sent out a warning letter to search companies explaining there needs to be better deliniation between paid and natural search listings. The paid listings are starting to look too similar to the natural ones, and it's getting harder for people to tell them apart. That's maybe good for advertisers, but not for consumer rights.

As far as Adobe is concerned, those impacts should be minimal because the Media Optimizer is a more comprehensive product that doesn't only focus on search. It also drives social media and display advertising. As noted above, it's one part of the Marketing Cloud, but is also itself a mini suite of tools. Inside the Optimizer is the AdLens cross channel optimization tool, the Audience Manager for importing customer and targeting data, and SiteCatalyst, an analytics tool.