Adobe Muse Updated for Building Persistently Scrolling Websites

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Adobe Muse Updated for Building Persistently Scrolling Websites
Noticed more and more websites are going for that never ending scroll down design? Adobe has too, and now it's updated its Muse Web design tool for building those kinds of sites.

Long Scrolling Sites Trend Here to Stay

Blame it on Tumblr. That's our excuse as to why the long scrolling format has become so popular. Maybe even throw in a dash of anti slideshow sentiment. Whatever the reason, special scroll motion effects were introduced to Adobe Muse in the June 2013 release, and the Scroll Effects controls have moved to panel of their own.

Background and position scroll effects are improved in this update, and elements that are set to 100% of browser width are also now compatible with scroll motion. The Adobe Muse August release also includes other scroll motion effects such as persistent navigation.

Specifically, active states for anchor links can be enabled, so when scrolling down a page, the navigation elements will show as active within the section being scrolled. This would be particularly useful because on a long scrolling page, it's easier to get lost.

Additionally, parallax scrolling, making page elements move in different directions and at different speeds when scrolling, has also been introduced. These are pretty impressive designs, and they are meant to be enabled with only a few clicks, not hand coding. The effect has also been enabled on iOS devices.

Learning Opportunities

Design in the Cloud

The Adobe Muse update is but one piece of the overall Creative Cloud roll out the company has been moving on all summer, and Muse is available as part of the suite or as a standalone product. Muse is not, however, available in Creative Suite 6. It's US$ 15 per month with a one year subscription, or US$ 50 per month as part of Creative Cloud.

Adobe Muse debuted in 2012, and it's meant to be for designing without code. By instituting effects like parallax scrolling and other scroll effects, Adobe will no doubt stay at the fore of design tools. More importantly though for websites that include these kinds of effects are how engaged people may be with that content. Anything that can make make people stick around on a website for a bit longer is going to be welcome, and excellent design is a big part of that.