Adobe Reports Cyber Monday Leading the Online Shopping Season; Black Friday Remains Strong

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Cyber Monday has not only become one of the highest grossing online shopping days, but according to data from Adobe almost reached its predicted goal for 2012.

In their initial report, the "Adobe Digital Index 2012 Online Shopping Forecast."Adobe said, that based on their analysis of 150 billion website visits from over 500 Adobe customers over the past six years, 2012 was going to be a record shopping season for online purchases. The days mentioned in the report were Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Free Shipping Day.

In their Online Shopping Forecast Adobe predicted that sales on Cyber Monday would see a growth of 18 percent from 2011, ending the day with US$ 2 billion in sales and Black Friday was expected to rise 12 percent. Green Monday on December 10 is projecting a sales increase of seven percent and Free Shipping Day on December 16 should have an increase of 12 per cent from their 2011 numbers.

The 2012 Results...so far

With two of the key online shopping days finished for the season, Cyber Monday has almost reached its expected sales total. Adobe monitored Cyber Monday spending with their Adobe Digital Index and found that online sales for Cyber Monday reached US$ 1.98 billion, just about one percent shy of their predicted total at 17 percent. Most of these sales went towards toy and sport good purchases, followed closely by heath and beauty, and home and auto.

Mobile and Social Shopping

With the growth of mobile and tablet devices in recent years, how online shopping is done is gradually changing. According to Adobe and other sources, mobile shopping is becoming a formidable opponent to more traditional online shopping devices.

In their initial report, Adobe said that sales done from mobile devices would double from last year’s results. In total, Cyber Monday’s mobile sales made up 30 percent of the day’s total sales, an increase of 115 percent YoY.Tablets were the most commonly used device with 14.1 percent of sales.

Social media influence, such as promotion through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter didn't return impressive results. Even though the total amount of visits to these sites increased 100 percent YoY, only two percent of these visits proved to be influential when customers were shopping.  Adobe also predicted that Pinterest would become the leader of social media influence and while the content website did doubleits referral share from 2011, it fell behind  Facebook and Twitter in terms of total influence. Facebook and Twitter took 77 percent of the influence, other social media were at 8 percentand Pinterestwas at 15 percent.

Learning Opportunities

Around the World

Cyber Monday and other online shopping days tend to be centered in the United States as they kick-start the post-Thanksgiving holiday season. Adobe also tracked sales in Europe and found that these days were also influencing shoppers in other countries. There was a total increase of 8 percent of online sales happening on Cyber Monday in Europe.

What about Black Friday?

Even though, so far, Cyber Monday is standing as the leader of online shopping for 2012, Black Friday is still a record setting online shopping day. According to Adobe, Black Friday sales reached US$ 1.3 billion, a increase of a 24 percent from 2011.

As with Cyber Monday, tablets proved to be the mobile device of choice, as it doubled the amount of sales done from mobile devices compared to last year with a 16 percent increase. Smartphones saw an increase of 75 percent from 2011.

Social media influence for Black Friday also appeared to mirror Cyber Monday. Pinterest proved to be a formidable source of influence, as it doubled its referrals from 2011, but Facebook and Twitter remained on top with 76 percent of referrals coming from those sites.

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