Adobe Reveals Adobe Anywhere for Video, Collaborative Video Editor in the Cloud #nabshow

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Video Anywhere is Adobe's latest invention, and it promises teams the possibility of remotely editing shared video without having to send files back and forth or use low-bandwith proxy files.

Unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, Adobe will make the technology available as part of its Creative Cloud software suite. Professional video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Prelude and by the end of the year, After Effects, will be available using the service.

Edit Streaming Video as a Team

What wizardry is this? The sheer size of professional video files makes them unwieldy at times, so being able to edit a file remotely could be a big benefit for large production houses like global news networks. Adobe Anywhere allows distributed teams to log, edit, share and finish videos at the same time without worrying about versioning or overwriting somebody else's work.

This will surely be an expensive product, but video overall is not something that is cheap to produce. It is meant for enterprise users, of course, and besides the latest Adobe software, the proper hardware needs to be provisioned as well. Adobe Anywhere lives on a cluster of servers, one Adobe Anywhere Collaboration Hub node and at least three Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine nodes.

The Collaboration Hub holds project info, manages user access and uses an API for integrating the other clusters. The streaming engine provides the video streams, obviously. Small teams need three streaming engines, and larger teams will need more depending on the number of simultaneous users and media formats.

Users log into a shared production so they don't have to create their own project files to work on. The shared production allows multiple users to access project folders, assets and sequences. Each user sees a shared version of the asset, and a private version of what they are working on.

Learning Opportunities


Every change transferred to a shared production, a new version is stored in Adobe Anywhere.


To prevent work from being overwritten, when two or more people are working on the same asset, there is a choice to save one or the other or both. Saved versions of a shared asset are stored in Adobe Anywhere, eliminating the need for establishing strict rules on who can edit what.

Because video production teams tend to be spread out geographically, Adobe hopes to capture this industry segment. That's no doubt why it chose to announce it at the broadcasting association conference. Adobe Anywhere could be available as early as May, the company said, and ahead of the full launch, a 20% discount is being offered on Creative Cloud memberships for individuals and for teams.

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