Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Adds Pinterest, GPS
Adobe is out with its latest release -- number 27 -- of its Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) for tablets and other mobile devices. The update includes Pinterest support, device GPS integration and the ability to offer free article preview with metering.

Publishers are eagerly adding features to encourage social sharing of articles, and DPS now adds sharing functions to encourage Pinterest readers who click on a pinned preview image to explore the full article. Pinterest-ing a DPS article pins a preview image of a page and a click on that preview image leads to the whole article, rather than just that page -- even if the reader has pinned, say, the third page.

GPS, Article Preview

Adobe’s increasing support of social sharing illustrates the level of interest that publishers have in the reverberations possible through social media. In effect, social media has turned online content, including user-generated content, into attractors for discussion and related content from other sources, making old-fashioned the idea that online publications are intended for single readers.

The new GPS integration allows publishers to target content through specific location data that adds GPS logic to HTML content. Adobe suggests such example use cases as a geo-specific promotional banner, region-specific content for the sales team, or region-specific articles or ads. A publisher might, for instance, create a Web Content overlay that shows different ads depending on the reader's location. Region-specific folios can also be created and displayed to location-specific users in custom stores.

Free Article Preview was enabled in release 26, allowing publishers to offer free articles for whetting readers' appetites. The new release adds the ability to set up metered free article previews, so that publishers can inform readers when they have reached the content limit and must start paying.

Copy Folio

Another new feature in this release is the Copy Folio functionality, using a new Copy button in the Folio Producer. This new workflow allows a shared Folio to be entirely copied at once, and then published, instead of copied piece by piece as was previously required.

The new release also includes improvements in the Android viewer, such as high-resolution portfolio display or larger user interface elements for tablets.

Version 26 of DPS was released in May, and it included the ability to embed publications directly into websites, as well as upgrades to mobile support and functionality.