Big data is often the culmination of many different sources of information. Online, offline, mobile, social and local, among others. Connecting to it all can be challenging, not to mention analyzing it. Thanks to a new tool from Apigee, organizations can connect and analyze potentially massive amounts of external data from APIs, apps, social, and mobile ecosystems, together with other data sources for context.

It’s called Apigee Insights and it’s described as a big data analytics platform through which organizations can see the data being generated in the app economy. The goal is provide full visibility into customer, developer and partner behavior by integrating and analyzing all points of customer interaction -- from both inside and outside the enterprise. As a result, organizations can be more empowered to take action.

What is the App Economy?

The App Economy refers to the range of economic activity surrounding mobile applications and encompasses the sale of apps, ad revenue or public relations generated by free apps, and the hardware devices on which apps are designed to run. According to Apigee, organizations no longer own or control all the data they need to make accurate business decisions. Just as consumers are learning that they don’t necessarily control the types of information that are collected about them, the amount of data generated by the mobile apps and plugins deployed by companies isn’t always easy to access or analyze.

To further complicate things, new sources of data are being introduced, requiring traditional data solutions to be redesigned to accommodate the growing volume, size and share of data. It’s expensive and not always successful. Apigee Insights seeks to change that.

How Does it Work?

Apigee Insights stitches together data from a customer's API programs with data from internal systems and online data sources and delivers in-depth analysis and performance with a multi-channel data aggregator, distributed processing engine, intelligent data storage, analytic accelerators and expert services.

Learning Opportunities


The platform can readily adapt to changing number, volume, size and sources of app economy data, and allows customers access to near real-time feedback loop to test, experiment and rollout changes immediately. Organizations can see insights throughout the entire app value chain or can choose to focus specifically on the context of the app user, the app developer, or on information analytics.

Think you have your app economy under control? Quickly tally up how many mobile apps and plug-ins you’re using to integrate with other systems to provide optimized customer experiences and then ask yourself, “do I know where all that data goes?” If you don’t, it might be time to think about how you might go about connecting with it all, nevermind figuring out what it all means.