Appature, a SaaS marketing startup, has patented its Nexus platform for aggregating large data sets marketers can easily use to build more effective campaigns.

The Web-based marketing analytics platform boasts an easy to use interface and drag and drop parsing of data sets, Appature CEO Kabir Shahani said in an interview.

"Healthcare has a real legacy problem," Shahani said. "The systems are very complex with huge volumes of data and many different types of systems."

It's a familiar story throughout the enterprise as large companies look to plug their old data sets into new systems that can effectively turn that info into fiscal returns.

Nexus 360, Nexus Touch and Nexus Insight


These are the three main components of Appature Nexus. Nexus 360, as the name implies, gives an all around view of the data marketers need to build precise, targeted campaigns. Appature has a library of enterprise connectors, that can help build up the necessary customer profiles and lists that are needed for the best marketing results. IM Health is one company healthcare systems can buy data from that Appature can then help parse, Shahani said.

Touch is the tool that actually builds the campaigns, be they email, survey, etc.. This includes managing timelines, tasks and content through a browser enabled app. Insight, then is the reporting tool that can build custom reports executives will most want to see. 


Nexus Touch is Appature's marketing campaing builder. The company is focused on the US $200 billion healthcare marketing business.

The Healing Power of Data

Most marketers don't have the data they need, Shahani said. Appature is working on providing that data for the Pharmaceuticals, medical device and biotech industries. Heathcare marketing is a US $200 billion industry, and Appature is offering companies a much cheaper marketing option due its SaaS model, Shahani said. 

Shahani wasn't specific about who exactly Appature's customers are, but he did say they are many familiar brands, and that his company was manically devoted to serving them. Additionally, pricing levels are not publicly available, but volume discounts are part of that equation, Shahani said.