Remember Apple doubling down on secrecy, that really worked well didn't it, so let's all pretend that the September 10 iPhone and iOS 7 launch date is a shock. What is rather more surprising is Google's choice of flavor for the next Android version.

Apple or Android Flavor?

The leading events in mobile are new iPhones and new versions of Android, and both items got a big tick in the box today with confirmation of the well-known date for Apple's launch of the iPhone 5C "budget" phone and sparkling cutting edge iPhone 5S model, along with the revamped iOS 7 operating system.

Apart from the processor speeds, memory options and a few other details, every single element of Apple's launches have been leaked out of Pegatron's factory which the 5C was made, with Foxconn's iPhone 5S details not far behind.  In comparison, Nintendo, which owns its own production factory managed to sneak out the Nintendo 2DS handheld console on a completely unsuspecting world last week. 

Perhaps Apple does have a surprise or two in store for its big event, but its hollow promise on being more secretive makes it only look sillier, especially since its rivals have an equally hard job of keeping anything secret. Perhaps a new launch scheme where the first final prototype is revealed as soon as practically possible would be better, its not like the cloners and rivals would be much further behind anyways. 

UPDATE: Apple has announced a Chinese event in Beijing's World Trade Center for 11 September (following on from the western launch). This is where it will focus on the world's largest and fastest growing market. It will likely tout the iPhone 5C as an everyman device, despite the likelihood that much of China is still priced out of the mid- and high-end market. 


Nestling up to Android

Proving that sometimes we can be pleasantly surprised, Google has christened the 4.4 version of its Android operating system KitKat, with the blessing of candy maker Nestle. Perhaps there was something just a bit too sticky about Key Lime Pie. 

We wonder if a KitKat theme could be a part of the deal that got the name used. KitKats are sold across North America, Europe and Asia, so the brand is pretty well known, we're not sure what Latin America will make of the move though. 

The news comes as Google has announced over 1 billion Android device activations by users. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean only came out in July and there's no word on a release date or features for 4.4 but it should jolly the Android community along that something bigger and better is on the way, leaving us to wonder which will be the first big-name device to feature the OS.