A month later than first promised, you can now download the new version of Apple's iTunes, with a raft of new features and improvements. 

Play That Funky New Music

First announced at the iPhone 5 unveiling, iTunes 11 is now live. It is hard to believe that Apple was already up to version 10, such has been the gentle pace of  improvements in versions since its arrival back in 2001.  In fact, aside from the arrival of the abortive Ping social service, its hard to think of anything massive since Version 4.0, which introduced the iTunes Store (and perhaps Coverflow in 7.0).

Anyway, while the desktop app is perhaps now less important as many users download directly to their iPod, iPhone or iPad, (or click on a weblink to open an app download link in the store) now is the time for a positive change. That's down to Apple trying to move on from the Maps debacle, perhaps one reason for the delay, as Apple turns its laser-focus to apps. 

The new app features a more streamlined interface, taking hints from the iOS apps that are effectively replacing it, and support for the iCloud features that make content available across devices. TIP: Run Apple's Software Update app to find it, don't keep using iTunes' own update option to try and download it.


Cover flow has come to the iTunes Store

Learning Opportunities

What's New Doc?

From the new-look logo to the new Mini Player, there is lots to play with. On the store, artists have new-look pages with galleries and there's improved views for all your content. The Up Next feature is handy for seeing what's next in your playlist when you don't have it open while a Preview History button for a quick rundown of all the iTunes Store media sampled and more.


Yep, that's a mini Mini Player

Let us know what you think when you've had a proper play with the app, the store and other new features. At the time of writing, even Apple's website is showing the old version, so things are still being updated, keep trying if you can't get it yet. Remember that AC/DC are recent additions to the store if you're looking for some new (yet old) music to download.