Apple Upping iPad RAM to Rain on the BlackBerry 10 Parade?

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Anyone putting out mobile stories this week will be running straight into the BlackBerry 10 news juggernaut, So, Apple lets the media do its dirty work with rumors of an imminent 128GB model iPad. 

Bigger and Better Tablets

Over the weekend various sites reported on a possible memory upgrade for the iPad in the form of a new SKU. So, you get the same style as the current iPad 4, just with more room for those apps and content.  If you're a high memory user this might come as a relief, but the rest of the tablet owning world will likely shrug and move on. 

There's been mention of 128GB memory in recent iOS betas and within iTunes, so this seems to confirm the news, but exactly when it will arrive is anyone's guess. For such a minor upgrade, Apple could have mentioned it at its earnings call, but didn't. The 64GB version retails for $699, is $799 a possibility for an extra 64GB?

UPDATED: That price has been confirmed by retailer stock codes with the 4G version costing $929, I think I'd rather buy a MacBook at that point.

Certainly, Apple and other mobile players will want to drop a few spoilers this week to try and derail RIM's BlackBerry 10 launch which is gaining momentum with every minute. After announcing plenty of app support, the launch of Enterprise Service 10 last week, a Super Bowl advert at the weekend, the wagons will be running at full speed for Wednesday's big launch in New York. 

Learning Opportunities

BlackBerry's Time to Shine

Today's BlackBerry announcement is a massive music and video service to cater for the consumer and lifestyle BB10 users. The videos will be first available from major studios in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. The music service will be available in 18 countries at launch, and offers DRM-free tracks. All from the new BlackBerry World service that brings all content together under one roof. 


Expect more BlackBerry news to continue the momentum in the run up to the launch. We'll have all the product news and images from the day, and any implications for content and business folks as RIM tries to get back in the mobile and tablet game. 

But, Apple, Samsung and a few others know they can easily dominate the headlines, just by announcing a special limited edition pink phone or tablet, or upgrading their mobile OS by 0.001 of a version, so don't be surprised if there are a few more spoilerish stories between now and then.