Are You Financially Influential? Ask Transamerica's New
A Klout that measures online financial influence. That’s essentially the idea behind, a new microsite from Transamerica that launched this week.

The financial institution has launched the site to determine how influential you are, or someone you follow is, based on tweets that mention financial services.

I Got a 12's custom algorithm tracks and analyzes key words in tweets that relate to financial services topics, with some contextual sensitivity that gives a higher score for a keyword being used not far from another keyword. It also looks at the people following a given user, and the people that user is following. But, to find your score, the site requires that you become a follower of Transamerica.

The site pointed out, accurately, that your intrepid reporter has a score, as an influencer of financial thought, just above that of a potted plant. (See screenshot below.) Given that I’ve never tweeted about financial services per se, the question is how I got to 12.


The company said that the site, available to users in the US, “provides bloggers and others who promote online discussion about financial services topics a way to compare their scores with others.”

Allan Gungormez, Director of Social Media Strategy for Transamerica, told CMSWire that the microsite is targeting financial services professionals, financial bloggers and “people who enjoy sharing their thoughts on financial services subjects.”

Starting with Twitter

The value of knowing how influential your tweets are on Twitter, he said, is that it “can be hard to figure out who you should follow and who can provide valuable information,” and Transamerica intends to eventually announce the most financially-influential Twitter users.

But Twitter is only the first step, with other social sites, such as LinkedIn, also being considered for Fininfluencer’s score-keeping. Gungormez said that Twitter “seemed to us the best place to start” because there were “more conversations about financial services” on Twitter than elsewhere on the social Web.

A good score, Gungormez aid, is anything above 150, while mid-to-high 200’s is “awesome.” He added that “it is possible to score in the 300’s but you’d have to be an almost perfect match for the algorithm.”