Klout for Business Helps Brands Locate Influencers

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Social influence measurement platform, Klout has announced a new service: Klout for Business that is designed to let large businesses better understand which people are leading the discussion on brands over social networks.

Introducing Klout for Business

The Klout platform is designed to measure social influence by analyzing content and seeing how popularone person posts are when compared with others. Users are then graded and given a score based on how socially influential they are. It is this premise that Klout has carried over to its business platform, which was announced in a blog post, as they aim to give brands and enterprise companies tools to improve how socially influential they are.

More specifically, with this platform, enterprise clients will have access to an analytics dashboard, which will tell a business if it is engaging with the most influential people in its social channels and if there is a need for improvement. In addition to this, Klout for Business also tells users what topics are the most influential, so a business can post social media content accordingly.

Our goal is to help brands and influencers build relationships that transcend the current advertiser-consumer dynamic,” said Matthew Thompson Vice President of Business Development for Klout.


Companies that are already using Klout for Business include Disney, Chevrolet, Spotify and PopChips.

Learning Opportunities

And the Jury Says...

Many reports have found that this move into a business model is a good decision for the social influence-based company.

This may prove to be a very effective tool for getting a brand's message out, since it will be utilizing people who have a built-in trust with their social media contacts,”said Steven Loeb of Vator News. “Not only that, but it is always a good strategy to let people learn about a product from people they know, rather than from an ad.”

Jennifer Van Grove of CNet also believes Klout for Business has potential and can be competition for similar services.

In essence, Klout for Business amounts to a targeting tool for brands and advertisers, which means it will compete with a host of other social media marketing and analytics services,” she says.

Klout in the News

Recently, Klout has been updating its product capabilities. In October it integrated Facebook pages into its Klout Score calculations, while last August they made a variety of updates the Klout platform, such as making it more focused on “real-world influence.”