Atex 10.8 Released with HTML5 Authoring Tool + Built in Paywall

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Atex 10.8 Released with HTML5 Authoring Tool + Built in Paywall
Content publishing and advertisement specialist Atex has updated its Web CMS to version 10.8, and it includes an HTML5 authoring tool and a built in paywall to allow customers to set up subscription or meter based revenue streams.

News Orgs Continue to Suffer During Digital Transition

We can honestly say there aren't many CMSes that include a built in paywall, so that is indeed a novel update, and since we are in the news business, we do appreciate the nod to our industry. Atex is clearly reaching out to struggling news organizations by giving them a way to create customized paywalls that charge for content in a variety of ways.

Having a flexible paywall system should allow publishers to build online subscription models and allow metered control, where people can view a handful of pages before requiring to pay for access. Furthermore, this kind of system would be helpful for those that need to set up combined print and digital packages, another good fit for news publishers.

Really anyone publishing content that needs to have some kind of paywall set up could benefit from what Atex is doing here, not just news organizations. When businesses post things like reports or white papers, this tool could certainly be used to charge for them. 

Learning Opportunities

HTML5 for Authoring in Any Browser

Atex 10.8 includes an HTML5 based authoring tool so content can be added from any kind of browser, so that's a nice piece of standardization the company has introduced. It could help cut down costs for some customers, and generally makes Atex Web CMS a bit more weildy.

This update also includes the ability to exchange content in either XML or JSON formats via an upgraded REST web service. That means more third party systems could extend to Atex. Additionally, Atex has updated plug ins for Atex Engage, its social media engagement system, and has added a live photo coverage tool called ShootitLive.

Other updates are a mobile reporter tool, a form builder and a new gallery. Combined with Atex's recent Enreach partnership for ad management and audience segmenting, publishers have what seems to be a decent option for boosting online sales.