Atex Enters the Social Engagement Realm with Launch of Atex Engage

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Having already made a name for itself in Web CMS and advertising, Atex is venturing into the social media realm with its new product, Atex Engage.

Introducing Atex Engage

Knowing your targeted audience, fans and customers on a personal level is a key part of today’s digital marketing world. Marketers have a toolbox full of methods to collect this information and now they have one more in Atex Engage. 

The cloud-based application allows companies to add quizzes, contests, polls and online surveys to websites and advertising campaigns. The information gathered from these tools and the embedded metadata contained can be used by content creators, sales and marketing for targeting and analytics purposes. Atex Engage can be either integrated with Atex’s Web CMS platform through a plug-in or micro-site creation, or as a stand-alone product.

Pricing is based on a per-use model, dependent on web traffic and number of websites or social media outlets using the software. This is the first product released in the new Atex Product Organization -- designed to improve audience interaction, targeting, analysis and improve the overall customer experience. Additional products will be released in the coming months.

Learning Opportunities

Who are Atex?

Established in 1973, Atex has built on its history of work with media outlets, to provide clients in media-rich fields with Web CMS and advertising solutions. It also provides publishing and editing solutions, resources and training services.

Some of their solutions include Atex Polopoly a content management solution designed to improve the user experience and workflow management issues, Atex Advertising a tool that’s used to improve the reach and effectiveness of ads and Atex Editorial CMS to help journalists. More recently, the company expanded its Web CMS products with Atex Content that helps companies deliver content across multiple social channels. Some of their clients include the CBC, Stockholm University, Canwest and the BBC.