In an effort to help publishers increase the chances that their ad purchases will be effective, UK-based Atex, a provider of software and services for media-rich companies, is working with audience intelligence vendor Enreach to provide a platform for simplifying and increasing premium ad value through sales automation and audience analysis tools. 

The new offering is part of a general wave of advanced analytical tools being added to any system that touches the customer.

Integration into Ad Server

The Software-as-a-Service platform provides tools for segmenting and profiling audiences and then selling and placing targeted ad campaigns through automation. Tools include audience inventory forecasting, ad reserving and real-time analysis of click-rates, view times and other engagement metrics.

Atex creates content management, ad management and audience systems, with an emphasis on streamlining workflow and developing multichannel revenues. Enreach’s tools combine brand engagement metrics with audience analytics to target audiences and optimize campaigns.


From the Enreach Web site: collecting, then combining data, yielding insights.

The Atex Enreach platform is designed to integrate with a publisher’s main ad server, and the company said its tools go beyond normal Data Management Platform functionality and are targeted at premium publishers engaged in brand advertising.

A Complementary Product

In the announcement, Atex cited one satisfied Enreach customer, MTV Media Head of Online Solutions Pasi Raassina. Raassina said in a statement that Enreach technology “has completely revolutionized the way our sales teams and agency clients interface with our digital advertising.”

He added that Enreach makes “simple and efficient” such functions as audience and placement inventory checks, campaign planning, sales workflow, reporting and targeting, and added that MTV Media can now offer “our advertisers guaranteed audiences together with audience intelligence, not just display space.”

The partnership with Atex provides Enreach with direct integration into publishing solutions. Enreach CEO Kimmo Kiviluoto told news media that the Atex Enreach product “complements and significantly strengthens the Atex portfolio for digital advertising, audience data management and actionable insights.” The combined product, he said, marries Atex’s strengths in content, subscription and core ad workflow management with Enreach's audience-data intelligence.